Close up of a guitar by Ken Bennett Picture of Inlay Art by Ken Bennett

Guitars by KB

Guitar Inlays

We have been providing custom inlay art since 2002. Our designs have been featured on Warrior guitars and Nechville banjos, as well as our own and our customer’s guitars.

Almost anything is possible in this medium. Explore some of the possibilities here in this gallery, and you will see a range of design ideas, large and small inlays, and a variety of materials.

Our guitar inlays are created from a rich palette of shells, stone, metals, and wood veneers.

Mother of pearl is available in white, gold, black, and bronze. Red, green, and paua abalone are used for color and figure.

Reconstituted stone of turquoise, coral, jasper, onyx, lapis, jade, and more add many colors not possible with shell alone.

Metals such as gold, silver, brass, stainless steel, and aluminum are used.

Woods of various color and pattern, such as rosewood, ebony, purple heart, maple, koa, spruce, and poplar are nice alternatives to shell.

Let the examples in this gallery inspire your imagination. Whether you are building a custom guitar or you would like to personalize your own instrument, we can help create whatever you can imagine. Contact us for more information.

Click the images for larger pics and descriptions of the inlays.

Making Your Own Inlays

If you are looking for tools, information, or inlay materials to make your own guitar inlays, then feel free to browse this gallery for ideas. Fine-quality, hand-cut, inlay art takes patience and skill that only comes with experience. But simple designs like the trademark headstock inlays that we see on many guitars are quite easy to do. Basic profiency in mother of pearl inlay is considered a required skill for the guitar maker. So, if that's you, please visit some of my favorite sources. I have no commercial affiliation with Stewart MacDonald’s, Larry Robinson, or Rescue Pearl. I recommend them because they are resources that I use and trust.



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