Close up of a guitar by Ken Bennett Picture of Inlay Art by Ken Bennett

Guitars by KB

Custom Electric Guitars

We have several prototypes and used instruments for sale. Check out the list below for details

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Birdseye Hybrid
Tomi Martin Number 9
Cobra Model 2
Sunburst Hybrid
Chakra Model 1
Double Cutaway

Model Descriptions

Model 1 - Tele style mahogany body with bolt on maple neck, 25.5" scale length.

Model 2 - LPJ style mahogany body with set in mahagony neck, 24.625" scale length.

Model 3 - Hybrid body shape combining features of models 1 and 2, set-in neck, 24.625" scale length.

Basses are also available in 4 and 5-string models. The 4-string is available with narrow nut. Custom basses built on an individual basis.

We are currently producing prototypes of 3 new models.

  • An acoustic
  • A semi-hollow version of Model 1
  • A new body style for the set-neck electric

Birdseye Hybrid

picture of a Sunburst Hybrid guitar Model 3

Tomi Martin Number Nine

Tomi Martin Number Nine Guitar

Model 1


Cobra Number 17

Cobra All Mahogany Model 2 guitar with cobra fretmarker inlays

Model 2


Sunburst Hybrid

Birdseye Maple Hybrid Guitar

Model 3


Chakra Model 1

Chakra Solid Mahogany Model 1, inlays made of brass represent the matras of the chakras


Double Cutaway Model 2

Double Cutaway Model 2 Guitar with cocobolo fittings
The Reed