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Guitars by KB is a full service guitar shop specializing in custom electric guitars, guitar repairs, and guitar inlays.

Custom Electric Guitars

Although we have several standard models, there is plenty of room for variation. Your choice of woods, finish, fittings, and inlays will turn one of our standard models into a one-of-a-kind instrument at a minimum of extra expense. If there is something you like here, but you envision different options, contact us, and we will be happy to work up an estimate for a guitar customized to your specifications.

On the otherhand, you may have something unique in mind, something that would never be seen here unless someone builds it for you.

  • Body Shape
  • Scale Length
  • Nut Width
  • Neck Profile
  • Number of Strings
  • Painting
  • Carving
  • Electronics

The choices are up to you.

Guitar Repairs

We are located in Gainesville, Georgia, convenient to Atlanta and the North Georgia area.

Guitar Inlays

We have been providing custom inlays manufacturers, guitarists, and guitar makers since 2002. Contact us for design of unique guitar inlays that meet your personal vision.

Acoustic Archtop Guitar

We are currently building the prototypes of our latest design, The Benetti. It is a 15.5" jazz archtop, available with X or parallel bracing, as a pure acoustic, or with one or two pickups. The Benetti will be available in the Fall of 2010.

If there is anything we can help you with, we would be happy to hear from you. In the mean time, enjoy browsing the site and thanks for visiting.

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